Improving the Libido for an Authentic Paleo Lifestyle

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Okay, okay, so maybe a healthy sex life isnt something that most of the Paleo lifestyle coaches are going to talk about. It seemingly has very little to do with the kinds of food you eat. However, Paleolithic man would have been no stranger to a healthy libido. With a combination of healthy foods and high adrenaline, the Paleolithic man would have had a very active sex life. And for all intents and purposes, this would only contribute to his success as far as his health went.
The same is true for us. Eating a Paleo diet is great for us. It helps us to get re-energized, to stay sharp and active, and to get that fog away from our brains. But if we are not getting all the exercise that we need, a lot of that excess energy will not go anywhere healthy. Rather, it could end up contributing to anxiety and depression because although we are eating right, we are not active enough. So the energy we accumulate has to be put to use and our brains can often do that in negative ways. You may even find yourself having more fights because you have more energy and you are not expressing it in a healthy way!

So of course to have a healthy Paleo lifestyle, you have to be active. But being active doesnt only mean getting off the couch to go exercise every once in a while. Being active can also mean having some alone time with your partner and satisfying one another in a sexual way. A healthy sex life can be incredibly beneficial for many reasons. It can cause positive endorphins in the body while at the same time burning fat. Cardio is great for the heart, and if you are getting exercise regularly in a way you actually very much enjoy, it is that much more likely that you are going to continue getting more and more fit.

Not only that, but it gives you the added benefit of actually paying attention to the way your body works and gives you an added incentive to treat it well. You want to be able to connect with your partner on an emotional and physical level, but if you are not living a healthy and active lifestyle, that can be very difficult and even at times disappointing. You do not want to cause a drift with the person you care about most. So communicate with them if you have a desire to take this advice to heart. See if they may be on board to try a new way to get your bodies active and seek a healthier lifestyle together.

Connecting with a partner can be a very rewarding way to encourage your healthy lifestyle. And you had better believe that if you are on a Paleo diet, all those fresh fruits and vegetables are going to ensure that you have the energy to burn. So burn it productively and connect with your partner!


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