Going Paleo and the Importance of Fiber

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One of the more difficult things modern Americans seem to encounter is getting enough fiber. Some people actually think that its normal to only poop once or twice a week. Do you think that our Paleolithic ancestors were ever that backed up? No way! Why is that do you think? Because they had no choice but to get enough fiber. Practically everything they ate was full of it!

But when foods are processed and refined and pre-packaged, many of the fiber contents are stripped out of it. Just like when you are juicing, you can’t just take the good parts away and expect your body to continue acting the way it once would have to whole fruit, with its skin and seeds and fibers all included. That just isn’t how it works.

Unfortunately, fiber is something most of us overlook in our diets a lot of the time. The Standard American Diet doesn’t exactly account for it in the farm-grown commercially produced foods. At most, participants of the SAD diet get some lettuce, tomatoes, and onions on a semi-regular basis, courtesy of the local fast-food restaurants. Corn and potatoes are also common, but considering how much starch they each possess, it is no wonder they are not often included in Paleo recipes.

The kinds of fruits and vegetables we should be eating are full of positive things. nutrients, vitamins, and things that make it easy for us to poop. But why is pooping such a big deal? Truth be told, most of us would rather not think or talk about it. However, if our bodies aren’t working properly to expel waste, it stays in our system longer and can produce toxic results. Not only that, but it can cause major discomfort if what we consume isn’t moving. We can have painful bouts of gas, and constipation can quickly become dangerous.

Not only that, but without fiber, it can be hard for us to lose weight, which is generally one of the primary goals of many people who begin to follow the paleo diet. If weight loss is your goal, then making sure you are including fruits and vegetables into your daily routine is definitely going to be the way to go. And remember, eating your starchy vegetables like corn and potatoes are not going to help you very much. The starches can equate to more carbohydrates as they are broken down in your body to sugars. Those can cause more weight gain and they lack the same amount of fiber as leafy greens or fruits.

In either case, eating a lot of fiber is a very important thing to do when you are on the Paleo diet. They help us to get rid of the bad stuff, lose weight, and stay in a positive mood. It is very important to stay regular; doctors say that for a reason! Our Paleolithic ancestors were adamant about getting their greens and fibers, and we should be too!


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