The Importance of Potassium When Living a Paleo Lifestyle

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Getting healthy is often one of the first things on our minds, but it can be one of the most difficult things to accomplish. Fortunately, there are many resources out there that can help to get us on track if we dont know where to begin. If youre new to the Paleo lifestyle, you probably have a few different ideas about where to start. Even if youre a novice, it can still be surprising to learn the odd bits and pieces that make living the Paleo lifestyle fun, worthwhile and effective.

One thing that can really help you to maximize the benefits of your new lifestyle is including potassium into your diet. You might raise your eyebrow at this, but a Paleo lifestyle requires a good amount of activity and healthy eating. If you want to have the best results possible, getting the proper amount of potassium will help your body to hold on to the water that you put into it so that you remain properly hydrated, even when you are working hard and sweating a lot as you exercise.

Exercise is a huge part of a paleo lifestyle. Even if you arent exercising frequently, potassium is very important. We want to have a healthy heart, and if we arent getting the right hydration, a healthy heart is very difficult. Potassium is also a supporting element of bone health and cardiovascular function. They can even help to reduce the formation of kidney stones, which can be very helpful. Especially for people who are prone to developing them.

If you arent getting enough potassium, it can cause a lot of issues in your body that will make it more difficult to thrive in your new paleo lifestyle. For example, it can be difficult to be enthusiastic and get enough exercise if you are feeling weak and fatigued. A potassium deficiency can make you feel miserable, and it can cause constipation on top of it all.

The Paleolithic man was likely rarely constipated. He was able to get enough fiber naturally from the foods he was able to hunt and gather. Ensuring you are getting enough potassium is hugely important if you want to keep up with a healthy, active lifestyle that will help you to stay motivated as you continue to progress. Everything we do to help our bodies thrive adds up and allows us to do more and beter things, so pay attention to the choices that youre making. If you feel you may be deficient in any vitamins, you can easily get a physical and confirm that and learn ways to make sure that it doesnt happen again.

Potassium is extremely important to building muscle, maintaining heart health, ensuring hydration, and avoiding fatigue, weakness, and constipation. All of those things are crucial in adopting a successful paleo lifestyle in which you are truly able to thrive. If you want to know a secret to success in the paleo lifestyle, potassium is it!


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