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What Veganism and Environmentalism Have In Common

A lot of people want to go vegan because it is something they believe lines up with their morals. They are against cruelty toward...
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Creating Meal Plans That Work

Creating meal plans can be a very challenging task, but many of us are more than capable of it. If you find the idea...
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Don’t Be Tricked By Snake-Oil Salesmen: How to Beware of Greenwashing

Most of us have never heard the term greenwashing. In fact, it seems a little bit strange. What is greenwashing and why is it...
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How To Make Sure You Are Eating Healthy Meat Alternatives

One dangerous thing that most people do is assume that all the meat alternatives they find in the grocery store are actually healthier than...
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The Importance of Iron When Living a Vegan Lifestyle

Eating vegan can come with a lot of little lifestyle changes, but some of them are very important while others may come down to...
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The Importance of B12 While Living a Vegan Lifestyle

A vegan lifestyle is not without its risks. Some people might approach it with the attitude that cutting animals out of their diets and...
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The Best Way to Answer The Protein Question

One of the things most vegans dread hearing is the question, If you dont eat meat, how in the world do you get enough...
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