How to Cook Naturally

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Cooking naturally may sound so simple but are you cooking this way? Or do you rely on pre-packaged and frozen dinners too much? If you are guilty of the latter, you are not alone. So many people today feel rushed and pressured and turn to convenience foods instead. No wonder the rate of cancer and other diseases are on the increase.

Cooking naturally is really easy and doesn?t have to be complicated or expensive. The best way to start is by planning to cook one meal each day that contains lots of fresh ingredients. To keep the cost down only buy fresh ingredients which are in season locally. They are cheaper and fresher and it just makes plain sense to do so. 

For instance in the fall use apples, squash and pumpkin to make all kinds of great recipes. You should try grilling butternut squash on the BBQ it is easy to scoop out afterwards and doesn?t require the addition of butter. Spaghetti squash is a great alternative to noodles and even your kids will be happy to try them. 

During the summer fresh berries are cheap and plentiful so use them to make healthy desserts and breakfast shakes. Try mixing a handful of strawberries along with plain yogurt and cottage cheese and then blend them up into a tasty treat.

Even if you feel rushed for time you can still cook naturally. Add a side salad to your dinner and grill or bake some chicken or fish. There are lots of meals that can be cooked in thirty minutes or less and be totally healthy. 

On the weekends when you have a little more time you can make up a pot of chicken or vegetable soup. The next time you roast a turkey or chicken use the leftovers and make a healthy soup, it is delicious and low in fat. 

Instead of ordering Pizza make your own by using English muffins or pitas for the base. Then add a selection of toppings or let each person build their own personal pizza. These pizzas only take minutes to bake and will be ready in the same time it would take to order in a pizza, except you are saving money and improving your diet. 

It really doesn?t take that much effort to start cooking more with natural ingredients. Next time you are out shopping pick up a couple of fruits and veggies and incorporate them into your meal plan.


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